Midway Rides

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Midway Rides

Come enjoy a day at the carnival!

At Astro Amusements we are pleased to have a great roster of rides catered to a variety of ages and thrill levels. Our rides are all well maintained and in great condition. We have a large number of rides that can ride parents and children together so the whole family can share in the Midway Fun!

Berry Go Round

The Berry Go Round is a great family ride in which the riders control the spin of their giant strawberry. Riders can spin fast or slow, whichever they prefer! control the spin speed of their berry using the giant turntable inside. Each Berry can ride 4 people.

Ferris Wheel

Available to rent and is safe for all ages.

Glass House


Mini Pirate Ship

All ages.

Mini Tea Cups

Tea Time! Our teacup ride comes with a beautifully detailed teapot centerpiece and six colorful teacups with four seats each holding 24 children at once! It is a great ride for all ages. A merry-go-round style ride in giant whirling cups that can be made to spin faster or slower by the guests is a classic amusement!


The Sizzler is a modern version of the classic Scrambler ride that spins riders in two different directions. As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on. Perfect for the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving!

Spinner Ride

Height restriction

Swing Ride

Ages 2-12.

Train Ride

This train has a wide variety of track layouts, 20 kids ride at a time, and parents can ride with the kids. Make any event a choo-choo good time and come on ride the train.

Cars & Motorcycles

The Cars and Motorcycle Ride is a tame ride for children. It features a combination of motorcycles, ATVs, and Jeeps. It is a simple ride that spins in a continuous circle. The children love this ride because they can honk the horns on any of the vehicles. Holds up to 24 children at a time!

Kiddie Car Ride


Granny Bugs


Dog Pound

Kids will love riding on these tame, cute, puppy dogs! As the ride slowly rotates, the dogs raise up and down. Holds up to 12 people at a time.

Wacky Shack


Fun Slide


Dizzy Dragons

The Dizzy Dragons features four giant dragons that you can spin and sit in. Great fun and a very attractive ride for the little ones! Each Dragon can hold up to 4 people.

Red Baron

Fly high in the sky on the Red Baron! Kids will love flying these miniature airplanes! Each plane seats up to two kids. A capacity of 16 people per ride.

Great Canadian Carousel

There’s nothing more endearing at a carnival than the classic Merry-Go-Round Carousel. As the first midway amusement park ride for many people, a carousel ride will be exciting for children and create lasting memories for their parents. This classic is great for all ages. Each horse is uniquely designed, and hand painted!



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naarso - the national association of amusement ride safety officials
tssa - technical standards & safety authority
aims international certification