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Astro Amusement rents out a large variety of inflatables, including castles, slides, interactives and obstacles. All of our inflatables are TSSA licensed to operate at public or private events. We deliver this inflated fun to clients all across the GTA. Please check out our great selection of inflatables, and contact us to get pricing on a package.

Inflatable Obsctacle Courses

justice league obstacle course - super hero -  - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Justice League Obstacle

Everyone will enjoy the Justice League obstacle course as you fight crime with Batman, and fly with Superman.

obstacle course - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Obstacle Course

Run, dive, jump, race, through 65′ of amazing obstacles. Great fun for corporate events, schools and fun fairs, you can even find this product at the Canadian National Exhibition.

tiki island obstacle course - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

25pxTiki Island Obstacle Course

Who is faster? Race against your friends through palm trees in this Island themed obstacle course.

frozen - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Frozen Combo

Bring Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf to your next event with this Frozen Castle sure to please your guests! Inside you’ll find a Huge bounce area with a basketball hoop and a huge slide.

Bouncy Castles

15x15 - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

15′ x 15′ Bouncy Castle

This is the most popular jumping castle in our inventory. With a capacity of 8 kids and a great size for a backyard party, this castle bounce will be the centrepiece of any party.

15x15 bouncy castle - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

15′ x 15′ Bouncy Castle

Jump around this 15 X 15 castle bounce, perfect for backyard parties.

candy land playground - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Candy Land Playground

Bring an inflatable candy playground to your event. This unit is great for children 2-6.

animal kingdom - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Animal Kingdom

Play with the Lions and Giraffes! Kids will jump right in! Learn and play with this interactive animal kingdom!

farm maze - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Farm Maze

Get lost in twists and turns until you finally find your way out. What direction will you choose in order to try to be the first one out? The inflatable farm maze includes full digital graphics of a real farm!

mim bounce and ball pond - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Mini Bounce & Ball Pond

The mini-jump and ball pond is perfect for kids 5 and under. This unit can fit in your house or in your yard. It is only 7’high x 8’wide x 13′ long. Little kids will never want to come out of this combo ball pit jumper.

mickey park learning club  - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Mickey Park Learning Club

The Mickey Park Learning Club is a great way for kids to have fun with a stimulating learning style. There are many educational games inside the unit for Kids. Kids can match colors in the large ball pond, count shapes with goofy and a shapes activity with goofy. Also kids can have a blast on the slide inside the unit after bouncing around.

finding nemo  - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Finding Nemo Experience

The Finding Nemo Experience aquatic journey begins by entering through the jaws of a great white! This bounce house offers several activities to choose from, a climb-and-slide allows kids to pretend they’re riding the EAC with Crush and Squirt and hurdles and pop-ups take participants on through their own ocean story with Marlin and Dory.

Slides and Interactives

carousel bounce - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Carousel Bounce

Have your very own Merry Go Round in your backyard.

big top circus bounce - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Big Top Circus Bounce

The Big Top Circus is a great new interactive bouncer. Kids will have lots of fun climbing the inflatable rock wall and zooming down the slide.

big kahuna water slide - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Big Kahuna Water Slide

The Big Kahuna is the newest addition to our fun-filled inventory, a great slide but if you want to make the ride a little more exciting attach a hose and you have an exhilarating and refreshing water slide, great for kids 3 and up.

batman - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Batman 5-in-1

Jump aboard with the caped crusader. This bouncer has a bounce area, inflatable staircase, slide, and internal basketball hoop. This 17 x 18 bouncer is sure to help you live out your superhero dreams.

jungle ladder - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Jungle Ladder

The Jungle Ladder comes with everything you need to get the fun started! Two patrons try to climb up the ladder without falling onto the inflatable. It’s a shaky race to the top! Ages 3 – adult.

jurassic adventure - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Jurassic Adventure

Jurassic Adventure is a 30′ x 30′ inflatable play area, it comes complete with fun obstacles, two slides, and a rock wall. This unit is great for events where a large capacity is required as it can accommodate 15 children at a time. This unit is recommended for children ranging from 3-12.

kidz gym - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Kidz Gym

A 30 x 30 inflatable featuring a large bounce area with basketball nets, two climb and slides and an obstacle course, the Kidz Gym is great for any event

pedastal joust - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Pedastal Joust

This item is great for teens and adults. A great team building item, or for competition type events. This item requires power and a space of at least 25′ x 25′.

sabertooth tiger slide - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Sabertooth Tiger Slide

This 35′ high inflatable slide would be the centerpiece of any event. Kids from as young as 4 to as old as 84 will have a good time racing down the two lanes of this massive slide.

shark escape - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Shark Escape

Explore the belly of the beast, the Shark Escape is a perfect slide for most backyard parties.

roller races - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Roller Racers

Up to 16 roller racers. Ages 3 – 14. Includes inflatable track.

wacky world - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Wacky World

This new and exciting self-contained obstacle course comes complete with slides, climbing walls, and even a giant twister area. Great for kids 3 to 12.

ships ahoy  - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Ships Ahoy

The A-Hoy Matey Pirate Ship is ready to set sail, and kids will enjoy the adventure. This large inflatable is shaped like a pirate ship and even has a crow’s nest. It has a slide and bounce area and kids climb through the bollards, which separate the two areas.

pacific combo - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Pacific Combo

Pacific Combo is a 30 x 30 interactive play area, it comes with pop up obstacles on the large jumping area, a rock climbing wall, and two slides. It is perfect for someone who loves whales and other sea animals or for someone who’s just trying to have some fun.

wrecking ball - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Wrecking Ball

Have fun throwing the Wrecking Ball at friends, family, co-workers, or complete strangers off this interactive game. Perfect item for birthday parties, corporate events and school fun fairs.

corn maze - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Corn Maze

This festive inflatable features beautiful digital print and is perfect for all pumpkin patches, apple orchards, petting zoos and even just for the fall. This unit has a small but intriguing maze that is designed for little kids.

Inflatable Carnival Games

inflatable carnival game - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

4-in-1 Inflatable Carnival Game

Bringing all the fun of a Carnival fair to your event in a portable easy to use package. It’s like a grand scale turned into a user-friendly alternative. This fun inflatable has the look and feel of the carnival along with carnival games such as ring toss, basketball hoops, tic-tac-toe, and the magic hat. This inflatable is sure to be a show stopper!

batters up - baseball game  - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Batters Up

The Batters Up lets your guests feel like they are in the big leagues, with this original baseball-themed inflatable game. Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed “outfield.” The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit, amid realistic artwork, complete with defensive outfielders trying to catch the ball. The Batter Up inflatable game offers plenty of three-dimensional details, with a baseball bat- and ball-flanked opening and versatility; players can bat either left- or right-handed.

mini all stars - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Mini All Stars

This inflatable game is perfect for kids, they stand in front of the unit and test there shooting skills. (Includes 2 mini basketballs).

skee ball - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Skee Ball

Enjoy this classic arcade game in your backyard, school or corporate event. With its small footprint and being low to the ground, this is the perfect game for your indoor event as well as outside.

plinko - bouncy castle rentals - toronto


Try the fun and exciting Inflatable Connect 4 in a Row Basketball Shot challenge. This larger than life version of the popular game Connect Four game adds a new dimension—you have to make a basketball shot to connect the rows! The Connect 4 in a Row Inflatable is great for any party or event and will provide hours of fun for adults and children alike.

tic tac toe - connect 4 - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Tic Tac Toe/Connect4

Double the fun with our life-size inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe game on the front side and Connect 4 on the other side. Players can play both games the traditional way or turn it into a race, with players racing to the board. The best part is both games can be played at the same time! Great for small indoor or outdoor spaces.

battle ship - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Battle Ship

You Sunk My Battleship!” a classic game from the 1970s that has been brought back and made into a jumbo version! The goal of the game is to try and sink all of your opponent’s battleships before yours are sunk. Jumbo Battleship is played with two players who each have their own fleet of ships. Once the players place their ships on the grid, each takes turns shooting missiles (calling coordinates) to try and sink each other’s fleets. If a ship is hit, pegs are put into the ship to show that it has been hit. Two games can be played at once!

mini soccer kick - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Mini Soccer Kick

Kick the balls into the holes to try and score a goal! Perfect for little kids!

soccer darts - bouncy castle rentals - toronto

Soccer Darts

Soccer Darts is a larger-than-life form of a classic game. Kick soccer balls at our giant dartboard and shoot for 180!

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